MCA Updates 6th January 2018


  1. New Name Reservation Service

         Discontinuation of E-form INC-1

MCA is proactively designing a Front Office service (replacing INC-1 eform with Web-Form) for Name Reservation and Change of Name for companies capturing only absolutely essential information from the applicants. The said service is likely to be rolled out on 26th January 2018

Therefore w.e.f. 00:00 hours on 06-01-2018, INC-1 will not be available on the MCA Portal. Stakeholders are  advised to submit INC-1 application till 23:59 hours of 05-01-2018. Stakeholders who reserved names using INC-1 are requested to use SPICe for incorporation immediately. However, resubmission of INC-1 is allowed till 23:59 hours of 11-01-2018.

  1. Discontinuation of INC-7 (Application for Incorporation of Company (Part I Company and Company with more than Seven Subscribers)

INC-7 form is likely to be discontinued w.e.f 10.01.2018 in case the name reserved using INC-1 is to be used for incorporation through SPICe form, users should file the form latest by 17.01.2018. It is requested that SPICe should be filed with due care as it will be allowed only one resubmission which has to be completed latest by 25.01.2018. Stakeholders may plan accordingly

  1. Modification in E-form DIR-3 (Application for Director Identification Number)

It is proposed to reengineer the process of allotment of DIN by allotting DIN to individuals only at the time of their appointment as Directors (If they do NOT possess a DIN) in companies.

 DIR-3 (Application for Director Identification Number) would be applicable for the allotment of DIN to individuals in respect of existing companies only and shall be filed by the existing company in which the proposed Director is to be appointed.

Further, DINs to the proposed first Directors in respect of new companies would be mandatorily required to be applied for in SPICe forms (subject to a ceiling of 3 new DINs) only.

It is also proposed to modify DIR-3 to permit allotment of upto 2 new DINs (since SPICe provides for upto 3 new DINs) only in respect of ‘Producer Companies’. A separate notification would be issued for the same and stakeholders may plan accordingly.

Thanking you

Kashif Ali



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