Ministry of corporate affairs, on 31st March 2015 has amended the Companies (Acceptance of Deposit) Rules 2014. Following amendments were made in these rules.

  1. (I)   in rule 2, in sub-rule   (1),   in clause (c), –

(a) in sub-clause (vii),   in Explanation   (a), the following   proviso   shall be inserted, namely:-

“Provided that unless otherwise required under the Companies Act, 1956 (l of 1956) or the Securities and Exchange Board of India A ct, 1992 (15 of 1992) or rules or regulations made thereunder to allot any share, stock, bond, or debenture within a specified period, if a company receives any amount by way of subscriptions to any shares, stock, bonds or debentures before the 1st April,2014 and disclosed in the balance sheet for the financial year ending on or before the 31st March,2014 against which the allotment is pending on the 31st March,2015, the company shall, by the 1st June 2015, either return such amounts to the persons from whom these were received or allot shares, stock, bonds or debentures or comply with these rules.”

(b) in sub-clause (xii), in item (b ),

(A) for the words “consideration     for property”,   the words “consideration   for an immovable property” shall   be

(B) for the words “against   the property”, the words “against such property” shall be substituted;

(c)   in   sub-clause (xii),   in the Explanation,   for the words “referred to in the first proviso”, the words “referred to in the
proviso” shall be substituted;

  1. in rule 3, after sub-rule (7), the following   sub-rule shall   be inserted, namely:-

“(8) Every eligible company shall obtain,   at least once in a year, credit rating for deposits accepted by it in the
manner specified   herein below   and a copy of the rating shall be sent to the Registrar of Companies   along with
the return of deposits in Form DPT-3;

Name of the agency Minimum investment Grade rating
(a) The Credit Rating   Information   Services   of India   Ltd. FA- (FA Minus)
(b) ICRA Ltd. MA- (MA Minus)
(c) Credit     Analysis   and Research Ltd. CARE –BBB(FD)
(d) Fitch Ratings India Private Ltd. tA-(ind)(FD)
(e) Brickwork Ratings India Pvt Ltd. BWR F A
(f) SME Rating Agency of India   Ltd. SMERA A”
  1. in rule 5, in sub-rule   (1),   for the proviso,   the following   proviso shall be substituted,   namely:-

“Provided that the companies   may accept deposits   without deposit insurance   contract till the 31    March, 2016
or till the availability     of a deposit insurance product,   whichever is earlier.”

  1. in Annexure, for Form “DPT-3” the new form shall be substituted.

You can download these amendment form the following link:


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